MoroccanTan helps soften and moisturise the skin, producing a deep bronze tan that leaves the skin soft and silky. The flawless, streak-free tanning solution, helps hydrate the skin, making your spraytan last longer.

Australian spray tanners know their stuff and since MoroccanTan launched there in 2011, it has captured the attention of tanning pros all over the country with salons loving the MoroccanBlend™ formula and DermalLock™ technology, both of which help to promote the perfect long lasting tan with luxurious results.

Enriched with nourishing vitamins and organic ingredients including Organic Argan Oil, the luxurious tanning formulas of MoroccanTan absorb deep into the skin for a beautiful bronzed glow that leaves the skin soft and silky.

With 30 minutes to 6 hour rinse off formulas, it is easy to create the perfect, streak-free spray tan that is long lasting and provides a natural, gradual fade.

With its organic formula it uses deep absorbing Argan Oil, an antioxidant rich in Vitamin E sourced from Southwest Morocco, to nourish the skin.

When skin is healthy and supple, light reflects off the surface, so it literally glows.

With wash off times from 30 mins to 6 hours, who says theres not enough time for a tan!

  • Quick drying
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Deep absorbing nourishment
  • Non-oily & non sticky formula
  • All natural ingredients
  • Paraben & peg free
  • Certified organic DHA, Argan & Rosehip Oil


MoroccanGold 2 Hour l 8% DHA

Perfect for anyone wanting a natural golden glow during the cooler months

Wash off time – 2 hours


MoroccanOriginal 2 Hour l 10% DHA

Perfect for all skin types, the ideal choice for a medium bronzed look


MoroccanBronze 2 Hour l 12% DHA

Gives the deepest, darkest olive colour, perfect for mediterranean skin.


MoroccanCoco 2 Hour l 14% DHA

Suitable for all skin types, MoroccanCoco is the darkest solution from the Original Collection and gives the deepest, darkest olive colour.


MoroccanAccelerated 30 mins* | 16% DHA

The MoroccanAccelerated 30 minute formula delivers a dark, natural and intense finish with the skin emerging supple, smooth and deeply bronzed. Containing new natural odour inhibitors, delivery systems ensuring faster absorption of DHA and Melanin Tanning technology, this newly formulated product works to hydrate and replenish the skin. *30 min rinse off time will result in a lighter tan.


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