Always use gloves when washing up, cleaning or gardening, as household chemicals will strip natural nails and skin of natural oils, thus, affecting its look and condition.

Use cuticle oil every night just before going to bed. This will nourish the root of the natural nail allowing it to produce stronger, more flexible and none flaking nails.

Moisturise your hands every time after washing hands. This will allow the skin to stay smooth and youthful.

Take care around extreme heat or naked flames as nail enhancements may melt.

Do not pick at or pick off your nail enhancements as this will remove the upper layers of the natural nail causing damage.

Have enhancements removed professionally in an appropriate remover or with a special filing technique followed by a manicure to keep natural nails in good shape.

If lifting can be seen please contact us to repair it. This can cause water and dirt to become trapped between the natural nail and the enhancement causing further problems.

If any adverse reaction occurs- rash, redness, inflammations of any kind around the nails please contact your GP and have the nails removed immediately.

Tinted sun lotions, suntan creams, insect repellents and hair products can discolour or even cause a service breakdown on your nail treatments. Wash your hands thoroughly after use and/or wear gloves to protect them.

Do not miss your maintenance appointments to ensure your nails stay looking at their best. It advised to carry out an infill every 2-3 weeks, otherwise the product will become weaker (due to wear and tear and incorrect structure) and chances to break the nails are higher.

Do not try to do home repairs or remove enhancements yourself- this could cause a lot more damage than you realise and cause bacterial/fungal infections.

Please note that repairs are chargeable.

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