A superior service with CND™ SHELLAC™ Brand 14+ Day Nail Colour system features a Base Coat, Colour Coat and Top Coat — and the exclusive CND™ LED Lamp.

Say hello to the first hybrid nail colour. It goes on like polish. Wears like gel and is off in minutes. With 100+ colours to choose from, layering options, glitters and additives there is a colour or design to suit everyone.

Shellac Colour Manicure £27

Shellac French Manicure £28

Shellac Colour Pedicure £27

Shellac French Pedicure £28

Shellac Pedicure and Spa £36

Shellac with IBX – first time application £34

Shellac with IBX – repeat application £30

We also offer a small collection Lecenté Gel Polish

A hard wearing gel with a variety of different finishes from holographic to cream colours.

Prices are the same as for our CND Shellac services.

Our Shellac services include removal of our products with a re-application and also a glitter of your choice.

There is a charge for removal of products from other salons. Please advise us when you are making your appointment so we can allow adequate time for removal.
From £6

Shellac removal without re-application
Includes filing and cuticle work and RESCUERXX application

Shellac removal with IBX Repair & Restore

Nail Repairs (from) £6

Do struggle keeping your nail coatings on? Wish you had that extra bit of strength to keep the length? Head over to our Nail Enhancement page and take a look at our brand new CND Plexigel system. It can be used as a natural overlay to help provide strength and length to your nails as well as prolonging the wear of your chosen nail colour. 

Please note the minimum age for our Shellac services is 16 years old.

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Our Gallery of CND Shellac and Lecenté Manicures

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