CND™ Plexigel

Designed for a versatile and convenient multi-problem solution for nails, CND PLEXIGEL’s technology provides 3+ weeks of strength, length and shape. Repairs chips, cracks and splits with CND PLEXIGEL’s flexible and tough coating that simultaneously protects the natural nail. The clean and simple brush-in-a-bottle system requires no mixing or dipping, while the custom brushes and self-levelling formula delivers smooth and precise application.

Backed by science, deeply rooted in nail health, CND™ PLEXIGEL is formulated to shape, build and protect nails. You can leave nails perfectly clear or finish with your favourite CND colour! The options are endless!

Plexigel Natural Overlay £40

Plexigel Natural Overlay – with Shellac – £48

Plexigel Full Set £45

Plexigel Full Set with Shellac – £52

Infill – 2 weeks – £29

Infill – 3+ weeks – £32

Infills with shellac – £40

Nail repair – from £3

CND™ Liquid and Powder System (acrylic)

CND’s multi-award-winning range of Liquid & Powder boasts superior adhesion that creates durable, beautiful CND enhancements.

Liquid & Powder Full Set – Natural £40

Liquid & powder  Full Set – Pink & White (French) £48

Liquid & powder Full Set – with Shellac £48

Infill – 2 weeks – £26

Infill – 3 weeks –  £28

Infill with Shellac –  £38

Infill Rebalance 4 weeks+ £40

REMOVAL (all systems)

Enhancement removal with mini manicure – £25

Enhancement removal with IBX Repair & Restore – £33

Nail repair – from £6




*The minimum age for enhancements is 16 years old with Parental consent.

To get the best results from your treatment with us please see our PRE & POST advice.

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