Preparation essential to achieve a professional spray tan. The main goal of your prep is to remove excess oils and dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. This leaves perfecty primed skin, ready to absorb the tan solution.


Exfoliating plays a vital part role in pre tan preparations. This will help remove dead skin cells and extend the life of you tan. Using a moisturising body lotion every day will also help.

Remove unwanted body hair at last 24 hours prior to the application of your tan.


Where possible, shower before your session, ensuring its a cool shower and you don’t use shower creams or soaps with added moisturiser or oils. Gently exfoliate the skin, again with non oily products, paying special attention to the hands, feet, knees and elbows.

All moisturisers, perfumes, make-up etc must NOT be applied anywhere, prior to your spray tan. These products interfere with the absorbtion of the tan and may cause streaks.

Deodorants should not be applied either, they tend to mix with the tan and give unwanted results. If use an extra strong deodorant it is advisable to pay extra attention to the area when showering, ensuring all product is removed.

What you wear during your spray tan is entirely up to you. Most ladies wear a pair of old briefs. Remember what ever you wear will get the tan solution on it and whilst it washes out of most fabrics it may stain more delicate ones. We do provide paper briefs if you prefer. Some ladies even go butt naked, the choice is yours.

Wear loose dark clothing. Skin tight tops, jeans etc are not suitable to wear after you have been sprayed and can lead to the tan developing patchy.


The tan is applied using a spray tan machine and spray gun.

Although our purpose built spray tan room has extraction units there will always some, yet minimal over spray. For this reason we have face masks available should you wish to use them.

We will supply you with diposable protection for your hair and the soles of your feet.

We will also apply a barrier cream to stop over development of the tan on your hands, feet, knees and elbows.

Face masks will need to be removed to spray the face and you will need to hold your breath a few seconds.

It is essential that you let your tan dry before getting dressed.


Maintaining your spray tan prolongs the life of the the tan by offsetting the natural fading caused by the skins renewal process. The following tips are for your guidance once you’ve had your spray tan.

Dress in your loose dark clothing after the tan has completely dried.

Do not touch your body whilst your tan is drying. This can lead to finger prints on your skin and tanned palms. Not a good look!!!

Avoid activities that make you sweat.  This can lead to your tan streaking. Avoid sports, exercise, housework, etc.

Although our MoroccanTan has short rinse off times, do not swim or use saunas and hot tubs until 24 hours after your tan has been applied. Please note that chlorine in swimming pools will cause your tan to fade quicker if you are in them for extended periods.

Showering to remove your guide colour should be done by just rinsing your skin in warm water without the use of shower wash or soap until the water runs clear. Do not rub yourself dry, use a patting motion and do not apply deodorant or moisturisers.

You may use your normal creams, deodorants etc, the morning after you tan has developed or at least 12 hours after rinsing your guide colour off.

Moisturise daily to prolong the life of your tan. Complimenting MoroccanTan products are available at the salon. Ask your therapist for details.

Do not use lotions or creams on your skin that contain Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA’s) or Glycolic Acid as they exfoliate the skin. Use a neutralizing pH body wash.

Pleas note that after showering to rinse the guide colour off you will still be developing your tan over the next few hours.

We all advise not to sleep in your guide colour.

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