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The ultimate “at home” foot care combo. Callus Softener is a hydrating and exfoliating treatment for dry, rough, cracked & calloused feet. The Foot File is lightweight and easy to use with a rubberised handle.

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Footlogix Callus Softener & Foot File kit is the perfect in-between appointment duo. Essential for maintaining your in-salon pedicure service.

The ultimate at-home foot care combination is unlike any other at-home callus remover product.

Footlogix® has developed its salon professional callus spray into an at-home product. In short, the “At Home” combo provides an effective hydrating, softening treatment for dry, rough, cracked and callused feet.

In addition, the Ultimate “At Home” Foot Care Combo makes exfoliation of hard skin fast and easy. Therefore leaving your feet feeling smooth and revitalized.

However, at-home callus reduction will never replace a visit to the salon, spa or foot care professional.

There is no need to wash off Footlogix® Callus Softener. It is a non-aggressive formula that will continue hydrating the skin after use. While the file is made with high-quality stainless steel, it is lightweight and easy to use. The Foot File is double-sided with a rubberised handle and can be used multi-directionally without shredding the skin.

The Footlogix® At-Home Foot File is easy to clean – wash using a brush with soap and water.

Use your Callus softener and foot file in conjunction with one of the mousse formulas to help maintain results.


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