Permanent make up is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos, using tattoo machines designed specifically for micropigmentation, as a means of producing designs, that resemble make up to the eyes and lips.

Rather than use ink, like in regular tattoos, we use thicker, less concentrated pigments that fade over time, therefore depending on how you like your new enhancement to look, touch up appointments are recommend. This could be from 12- 24 months onwards from your original appointment. If you don’t have a touch up/colour boost your enhancement will continue to fade, eventually becoming barely visible.

Full consultations are given to ascertain suitability to treatment and we discuss your needs and desired outcome.


There are different techniques we can use to enhance your brows. The different techniques we use have their own benefits and advantages depending on your needs and desired outcomes. These techniques are:


This technique focuses on giving stronger defined arches fading to lighter tones at the bulb. This enhances the brow shape taking into account face shape and skin tone. This technique can also be use to give a more powdered look to the whole brow giving it a much softer appearance.


This technique gives structure to brows that may have been over plucked by creating shape and filling in gaps where hair may no longer grow by mimicking individual hairs. Shading can also be added.


As it suggests this technique is a combination of Ombré & Hair Stroke, using the ombre to give definition at the arch and hair stroke at the bulb.


Lip blush is an increasingly popular permanent cosmetic treatment. Lip Blush enhances the natural shape of your lips, giving them a boost by the illusion of fuller lips, symmetry of shape and a flush of colour, defining the lip contours.

Generally Lip Blush can last several years but how long it lasts depends on various factors and the individual. Lifestyles contribute to how well the pigment is maintained. Smoking and sun exposure (without adequate protection) can speed up the fading process. Also if you are a more oil prone skin type or use a lot of exfoliating products in your skincare routine, the pigment could fade more quickly too. Following all aftercare is essential in maintaining your fabulous new lips.

The results from your Lip Blush treatment will be subtle and natural looking, if you are looking for dramatic reds or sharp lines then this is not the treatment for you.



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