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Treatments / Waxing




½ Leg £14                      

¾ leg £17                    

Full leg £22

Bikini line £9 - strip wax

Bikini line £12 - hot wax                

Underarm £9 - strip wax

Underarm £12 - hot wax

Top lip £7                    

Chin £7                        

Top lip & chin £10

Eyebrow wax £8        

Forearm £10

Full arm £13                

Stomach £6

Nasal £5

Eyebrow wax £8



Underarm, bikini line & eyebrow wax with either

½ leg £39

¾ leg £41

Full leg £45


Male Waxing

Nasal wax £6

Eyebrow wax £8

Fore arm £12

Full arm £15

Shoulders (upper back) £11

Full Back wax £18

Chest wax £14

Stomach £8

Full Back & Chest wax £28







Intimate waxing is a very personal treatment and we don't want you to feel embarrassed talking about where you need waxing. From the menu below you can choose what suits for you, knowing exactly what your getting.  


Intimate waxing involves being naked from the waist down, and goes without saying, personal hygiene is a must when booking for one of our intimate  wax treatments.*





A thorough wax from front to back. removing all hair from the bikini area. Including the inner and outer labia, butt cheeks and crack & onto the back of the upper thigh. With or without a landing strip.




This leaves a strip tapering down and narrow over the labia and removes hair from the butt crack and cheeks. Enabling you to wear your g-string with confidence.




Removing hair from the side pannels and underneath and onto the butt......bikini ready in no time.



LAS DIVAS STRIP (available at our Hunts Cross salon only)

Want to be totally holiday ready? This is the one for you......it includes

  • Diva High Definition Brows **

  • Underarm wax

  • Stomach wax

  • Full leg wax

  • Dare to bare (brazilian)




*Things to consaider before a wax treatment -

We can not wax you if you have used a sunbed within within 24 hours of treatment or if you are sunburnt.

Exfoliate the area, gently, before your appointmnet, this will help to lift out ingrown hairs and get you a better result.

Don't remove hair for at least 2 weeks (3 even better) before your wax treatment. The hair needs to be the right length for the wax to grab onto.

You may feel more sensitive at your time of month, if you can, avoid waxing at this time.


Please see our aftercare section for more information.


**patch test required


Please note anyone under the age of 16 will need a parent or guardian present for any treatment recieved at the salon, written consent will also be required.




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