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Treatments / Nail Enhancements

shutterstock_78851563.jpg acrylic nails




Features unique, patented technology that ensures flexible, resilient nail enhancements.



Full Set - Natural £35


Full Set - Pink & White (French) £38


Full Set - with Shellac £48


Natural Overlay £25


Natural Overlay - with Shellac £35


Infill - 2 weeks £21


Infill - 3 weeks £23


Infill with Shellac  £35


Infill Rebalance 4 weeks+  £28


Enhancement removal with mini manicure  £20


Enhancement removal with IBX Repair & Restore £28


Nail repair from £5



Nail art from £1


Please note anyone under the age of 16 will need a parent or guardian present for any treatment recieved at the salon, written consent will also be required. The minimum age for enhancements is 16 years old.

shutterstock_160245092.jpg natural nails
shutterstock_27138754.jpg polished nail
shutterstock_78851563.jpg acrylic nails
shutterstock_157913006.jpg leg wax
shutterstock_154754288.jpg eye treatments