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Treatments / Nail Art


Nail Art


There are many different nail art styles you can add to your shellac manicure, pedicure and enhancements from glitters and additives (highly pigmented powders) to stamping or freehand designs.


Create bespoke Pave Swarovski Crystal nail designs that ooze class, chic and individualism! These beautiful crystals can be added to your nail treatments for that extra touch of class.


From 1 crystal to a full nail in an array of colours, the choice is yours.


Price for nail art and Swarovski crystals is upon consultation. Take a look at our gallery for some ideas on what can be achieved with a little imagination. You'll find more inspiration on out facebook page by clicking on the link at the top of this page.


Prices start from as little as £1.





Please note anyone under the age of 16 will need a parent or guardian present for any treatment recieved at the salon, written consent will also be required.





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